5 Tips On How to Speed Up Old Laptop – “Why Is My Laptop So Slow” [Solved]

How Speed Up Old Laptop

The Ultimate Lightening speed of the laptop gives peace to the mind. Why isn’t so? It sends the tasks to their destiny in microseconds, but once they advance in years, these powerful costly machines turn out slower than expected and hardly match the expectation that you are required. At this point, a person immediately jumps to the conclusion and makes illogical prediction –“The machine met its journey”. Before moving out to the market for purchasing the brand new laptop, you can go through with quick boost laptop’s speed tips. Here are these charismatic 5 ways–

1. Remove Unused Programs

We often install huge programs without realizing unused programs take up ample storage as per their size on hard drive. If you have also done so, you can uninstall any programs which are not in use. Uninstalling can be done by switching over to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.

2. Run Regular CheckUps Programs For Malware Scan

It’s quite possible laptop picks up malwares from the internet, even though you retrieve it unintentionally, but it might be slow down the laptop speed too. Therefore, we must always run regular virus and malware scans programs to eliminate the responsible threats which may become the great cause of slowing down the laptop.

3. Run A Disk Clean-Up Program

Windows comprises a built-in junk clean up tool for removing junk files, old files, duplicate that gathers on disk over time. To run disk clean-up activity, firstly go to

Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools, and choose Disk Clean-up program.

Here you can select and remove the types of files that want to eliminate, click on OK and then click clean up system files and this can be done for any desired system files that want to remove regardless of much manual effort.

4. Keep Update Windows, Drivers, And Apps

True Fact, keeping software up to date not only stout the security of system but also deliver the best performance too. In windows, a notification is automatically send when an update is available. Only you need to keep option turn on.

5. Upgraded WITH SSD

An aging laptop performance boost up when capabilities, enhanced in terms of a solid-state drive (SSD). In fact, it is considered as the biggest metamorphosis hardware change that releases an ethereal life to the tardy laptop. What it actually does makes things faster; booting up, shutting down, launching apps and everything else that is needed for enhancing the performance, all occur in the blink of any eye when compared to prior.

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These steps are boon for the laptop speed. With such magnificent ideas, anyone can take his machine to it’s extend lifespan.

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