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Computer Repair Home is the source of laptop body repair where services are available for all sorts of businesses and home users. Here, we deliver unmatched quality repair service within a specified deadline period of time at a competitive price to our clients. Owing to time constraints, if fails to accomplish laptop body repairs and replacement service! Then, you may go ahead with the doorstep fix facility —“laptop body  repair near me” or “laptop body replacement at Home” — which is available around the clock. We at Computer Repair Home are fully confident that this service will be the milestone for the full or patch repair.

We Better Know – How To Repair Laptop Body Even If It’s Damaged To The Extent

As we are repairing the laptop bodies for a long time —Thus, we never believe in throwing impaired lappy and buy novel one. At computer repair home, there are teams of the most knowledgeable professionals to assist you whether your laptop body is partially or completely damage. We can help you out to repair it. In some cases the conditions are too deplorable and impossible but it would not take a lot of money to get it fix. However you can discuss the details of what the issues you have and what you wish for.

Laptop body replacement cost for all brands such as- Dell, HP, Acer, Samsung, Apple Mac, Asus, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, LG, Sony VAIO, and Toshiba will surely amaze you when you approach to us for the repair. We deal with all brand laptop issues either they need physical or component fix. We never take charge for call-outs. Reason, we personally believe you should not be charged for nominal issue. Here you can find some other most demanded services that we offer to our clients:

Fast Onsite Service

We always are in touch with our customer after the repair. Whatever services we are providing to our clients associated with satisfaction along with guarantee— “Our Ratings and Reviews Proves How Much We Care Our Clients”.

Know More About Laptop Body Repair Replacement

Nowadays, technology has become both convenient and challenging to have. People who have a great interest in technology connect with it in a much better way, whereas those who don’t take an interest in it cannot use the latest applications so quickly. Laptops are used much more like desktop computers nowadays, so many things related to them are crucial to understanding people. One of them is laptop body replacement & laptop fabrication that is available nowadays at very affordable costs and fantastic quality in a lot of service centers.

Laptop Body Repair is possible?

Yes, laptop body repair is undoubtedly possible, and the approximate laptop body repair cost completely depends on the extent of damage caused to your laptop. However, people can quickly get the average repair cost from the official website of Computer Repair Home.

Laptop Body Replacement Cost in Delhi & Major Cities of India?

Laptop body replacement is a process that takes place according to the problem that has occurred to the laptop. The laptop body replacement cost also differs from model to model of the laptop & the cost of the laptop body parts in the market. However, when some undetermined amount is considered, it can make people’s budget much clearer & helps them to decide whether to use those replacement services or not.

The approximate laptop body replacement cost for generic brands is around Rs. 1200-4500. However, some brands, such as Apple, etc., have a different repair or replacement cost as it is done exclusively in the respective service centers. People should approach no other laptop repair shop if they have Apple laptops; otherwise, they may face many problems balancing the quality of service and the quality of their laptops. This will result in total damage to their laptops for sure. Computer Repair Home is one of the most trustworthy laptop repair services and can take care of your laptops in a professional way.

Laptop Parts that we replace at your home –

Laptop Screen Back Cover CostRs.600*
Screen Front Frame & BEZEL CostRs.500*
Laptop Hinge Replacement CostRs.700*
Laptop Bottom Case CostRs.990*
Laptop Screen Replacement CostRs.2000*
Laptop Keyboard Replacement CostRs.800*
Laptop fabrication CostRs.500*

Can you change the complete body of laptop?

Yes, of course we can change the whole body of any brand like HP, Dell, Compaq, Asus, Apple, Lenovo, Acer & Samsung. We can replace the body of your laptop at your doorstep. If you already purchased the laptop body from an online store or physical shop then you should not try for yourself, because it’s not a DIY task. It’s a critical task and only professional can do it in the right way.

Laptop Body Cover & Penal Replacement Cost?

The cost of laptop body cover & penal replacement cost, is around Rs. 1000-2500. This fluctuates according to the damage that has occurred to your laptop & the requirement of the repair/replacement process.

Laptop fabrication Cost & Process –

Laptop fabrication is a process in which we fix the two broken parts that is damaged or broken. Laptop fabrication service always a low cost and less effective solution to fixing the laptop parts. Rather than the Laptop body parts replacement, Laptop fabrication cost starts from Rs.500 and it may goes up to Rs.2500.

Determining the exact laptop fabrication cost is a little tricky if the quality of your brand is not known to you. But, you are well aware of your brand’s quality and what solutions you should undertake to solve your laptop related problems. Fabrication of your laptop will take some charges from you according to the damage that has happened to the laptop’s body. However, the average price of laptop fabrication is around Rs. 500-2500.

Apple Laptop Body Replacement Cost –

The cost of apple laptop body replacement may be a little more if you take solutions from the Apple store. However, if you take proper replacement solutions from the authorized Apple store, then you will have a better grasp of your laptop repair.

At Computer Repair Home, the laptop body replacement cost is around Rs. 1800-6000. This is very comfortable for the people compared to the other laptop repair stores in the market & that too of good quality.

Brands of Laptops for which we provide Laptop Body Replacement & Fabrication Service –

Following are some brands of Laptops that are supported for body replacement services by Computer Repair Home:

Compaq | HCL | Toshiba | Dell | Lenovo | Samsung | Apple | Acer | MacBook | Sony | Asus | HP

All the above brands are covered very prominently by the people & this makes it very comfortable for the people to cover any of their brand laptops.

Where do we provide Laptop Body Replacement Service?

Computer Repair Home provides exclusive laptop repair/replacement facilities to people in many locations in India. Below are some of those locations where our laptop body repair/replacement services are prominent & impact:

Delhi | Noida | Faridabad | Gurgaon | Lucknow | Ghaziabad | Mumbai | Gwalior

All these locations and many small areas in these prominent locations are considered particularly under the laptop repair/replacement services of Computer Repair Home.

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