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Computer Repair Homes offers laptop screen repairing & replacement of all brands in Delhi, Noida, NCR, Mumbai, Lucknow & Gwalior. We specialize in repairing and replacing the screens of different brands of laptops at affordable rates with complete customer satisfaction. We repair all kinds of damaged or distorted laptop screens at our repair center and also onsite. We provide same day laptop screen repair in all Delhi NCR (Including Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad & Noida) so that your valuable time can be saved. We offer both repair and replacement of broken/cracked laptop screens. No matter what kind of damage there is, we can repair almost every type of laptop’s screen in no time.

Laptop Screen Replacement & Repair Services Start Rs.2100

Laptop Screen Repairs in Delhi NCR

The modern world is full of technology and our work life is not left untouched. Laptops are our mobile work stations on which we can work anytime anywhere. While we take best care of our laptops, there are certain things that we cannot control. One of them is the breaking of your laptop screen. If the screen of your laptop is broken because of an accident, your next move would be to get it repaired. But where to get it fixed in Delhi, Noida, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad & Grugaon, where hundreds of laptop repairing service providers are available. Many questions arises like how good is the service, how much time will it take to repair and how much will it cost.

The answer to all these questions is Computer Repair Homes. We are best in the business when it comes to offering laptop repairing services in Delhi NCR, Lucknow & Mumbai (East, West North & South). We provide the best computer and laptop repairing services. We have years of experience and a strong technical team. We have certified technical engineers that are well versed in the latest laptop repairing methods.

Besides repairing broken screens of laptop, we provide our services for many different areas like hardware issue that includes keyboard repairing, motherboard repairing; software issues like windows operating system installation, hard disk data recovery, virus/malware removal and other computer/laptop related issues. Contact us to get your laptop’s cracked screen repaired in Delhi NCR without any hassle.

Our Laptop Screen Replacement & Repair Services

In the digital world where we live today, laptops have become an irreplaceable part of our lives. In the current scenario where digital equipment has made our lives much more straightforward, we may face great difficulty in case they are damaged due to any reason. Screen damage is one of the main issues laptops can have. Buying a new laptop is an expensive decision to make. In such a case, laptop screen repair would be the most appropriate and affordable decision that anyone can take. We have to find the best company who offers laptop screen replacement to repair correctly and take care of our laptop properly. For this, let us look at some facts and basics regarding laptop screen and laptop service to choose those offering the best laptop services.

Laptop Screen Types

Before knowing about laptop screen repairing and replacing, let us know more details about the laptop screen types available in the market. Currently, three types of laptop screens available are Twisted Nematic (TN), In-plane switching (IPS), and Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED). These days laptops come with different screen sizes like 7 inch, 10 inches, 13 inch, 14 inches, 15.6 inches with HD and full HD display, touch screen, and non-touch screen. During your laptop screen repair, you have to opt for the screen to provide higher resolution and sharper image clarity. You can get the best laptop screen replacement by professional firms handling screen repairing like Computer Repair Home to have the best possible clarity with the help of professional handling if you avail of the laptop screen replacement. Also, there is an excellent chance that we can change the LCD screen to LED and vice versa if required. There is no such restriction for doing so, but the only thing you have to ensure is the screen used is compatible with your device.

When would we need a laptop screen replacement service?

There may be situations when we are not able to understand when we have to replace our screen. Conditions may arise such that the laptop screen turns defective, although there is no issue with the device. The screen may be dysfunctional in various ways like discoloration, irregular or poor pix-elation, and problems with back-lighting, etc. There may also be situations where your laptop screen has broken or has some crack which can be solved by replacing it. In such cases, it is advisable to get a laptop screen replacement service to try the same lumpsum amount of buying a new laptop and clear the issue with your screen.

Laptop Screen Replacement Cost

Laptop Screen Replacement Cost:

Laptop screen replacement costs may vary from person to person and from brand to brand. We have to wisely choose the one who can provide quality service at a reasonable and affordable cost. You can also avail the service of those who provide laptop screen replacement service at home so that your job also becomes easy. There may be people who charge a lot for laptop screen replacement home service. Computer Repair Home can be the best solution for laptop screen repair home service as they charge only Rupees 200 for a home visit. The cost of laptop screen replacement cost starts at Rs 2000 and can vary from screen to screen. The average cost varies from 2000 to 8000, varying from different models and brands. The laptop screen size starts from 7 inches and can increase as we go up the brands. For a 7-inch screen size, the replacement cost is Rs. 2599, and the price goes up for 15 inches LED 40 pin (Rs. 4800) and for paper-led 30 pins (Rs.6200).

Laptop Touch Screen Repair

Can a touch screen laptop repairing possible?

Gone are the days of the manual laptop with finger pads and a mouse. Now, our mobile phones and laptops have been updated to touch screens to make our jobs simpler and manage them more accessible. It is a common question for a lot whether the touch screen can be repaired or not. The answer is yes; you can get them replaced but ensure that you hire a professional technician who has enough expertise and knowledge in the field. Thus dialing upon Computer Repair Home would be the best decision you can take, as you can get professionals at a very reasonable cost for your touch screen of the laptop to be repaired. Your laptop screen repair, even though it is a touch screen, would no longer worry you.

Compatible and Original Laptop Screen

Whenever there is a need for laptop screen repair, it is true that definitely, you have to search for those who can provide laptop screen replacement service at an affordable price. Still, extreme care has to be taken to not fall prey to the hands of those who provide service at a cheaper cost but do not use the original laptop screen. You have to ensure that the screen used is compatible with your laptop and authentic quality.

Brands For Which We Can Replace The Screen

At Computer Repair Home, you can get laptop screens replaced by almost all well-known brands. They are the ones who provide laptop screen repair at home service, so you can get the screen replaced at your home irrespective of the brand of laptops you use.

HP Laptop Screen Replacement

Hewlett Packard, popularly known as HP laptops, are the tech giants whose laptop has always been in demand for their high quality, the smooth and consistent performance provided them. If your HP laptop screen faces any issues, you can quickly resolve them by our HP laptop repair center in Delhi. For a 15.6-inch hp laptop with a non-touch display, the screen replacement charges vary from Rs.3800- Rs.8500.

Dell laptop Screen Replacement

Dell, the USA company, is considered to be the most significant laptop producer in the world. If your Dell laptop screen is facing some issue, you can consult us at the Dell laptop screen repair center to resolve it at a low cost. For Dell laptop screen replacement, the charges start from Rs.4100.

Apple Laptop Screen Replacement

Apple Laptop Screen Replacement

Apple has been one of the premium brands of digital appliances with a vast number of users worldwide. When your Apple laptop screen is replaced, it is crucial to use the competent and original screen; otherwise, it may lead to improper working. Computer Repair Home is where you can entrust your apple laptop screen repair without a second thought as they are known for the genuine and quality service provided.

Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement

Being a Hong Kong company, Lenovo has gained widespread popularity by producing a vast array of quality gadgets. Your Lenovo laptop screen can be of varied sizes. Once you face any issue with your Lenovo laptop screen, you can get it quickly solved at the Lenovo Laptop repair center provided by Computer Repair Home. For Lenovo laptop screen repair, the charges come around Rs.3600- Rs.8500.


How can I get a laptop screen replacement service at home?

Getting laptop screen repair home service is a straightforward process now with the advent of firms like Computer Repair Home. They are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and providing home service at low costs. You can open your browser and log on to their website, from where you can get the contact number. Just dial them up for the home visit and then sit back and relax. You can get your laptop fixed at your home itself.

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