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If your laptop is slowing down or lacking hard drive space, the right time is now to upgrade its components at Computer Repair Home. Our experts will first validate if it makes financial sense to upgrade your laptop or buy a new one. That means we ensure a complete end-to-end resolution for every unique situation.

If you want a complete renovation or laptop upgrades, call us first. We will help you choose the right laptop upgrades using the latest technologies. We can also bring our laptop upgradation services right to your home saving you time and money.

Which components to Upgrade in Laptops?

After a long time in use, laptops may start acting or slows down in performance. When this happens, it may be time to go for upgrades of one or more of the components. There are 5 upgrades or replacements to the components that when done, tend to solve most problems troubling the device. These include:

  • SSD upgrade
  • SSD drive upgrade
  • SSD replacement
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Ram replacement 

Why go for SSD Upgrade?  

Today, the expectation of laptop users is speed, performance, reliability, and durability. Solid-state drives (SSD) use considerably less energy while offering high functionality that far outperforms the traditional HDDs. It is for these reasons that laptop performance enthusiasts are racing for SSD upgrade services at 

SSD Drive Upgrades Service

So if you are in the market and laptop upgrade is on your checklist, check out with our round the clock technicians for all upgrades including SSD drive upgrade service to grant your laptop incredible power and speedy load times while minimizing wait times.

RAM Memory Upgrade

If you are looking to increase the overall performance of your laptop, the right way to do so is to upgrade the RAM. Computer Repair Home offers laptop ram upgrade services on all makes and models of laptops within Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad & Gurgaon. Whether it is an upgrade or Laptop ram replacement, we have trained experts in our workshop as well as for home services in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad & Gurgaon areas.

Laptop Hard Drive Replacement
For limited space on your laptop hard drive, we install and replace outdated hard drives with more capacity ones. We in the process make sure you don’t lose any data and neither do we make any changes to your operating system’s settings and software.

The best way to ensure you get the best laptop upgrades is to invest in quality services. Do not go for the lure of cheap deals that may in the long run cost you more. houses quality experts that offer reliable services while not compromising on quality.

Laptop RAM Upgrade & Replacement

Why We Upgrade RAM in Laptop?

RAM (Random Access Memory) present inside the computer servers makes it possible for all types of computers and laptops to store innumerable files and folders within the given limit. With the help of this internal memory, people can get a better grasp of their computer’s storage capacities. Nowadays, these memory features can also be extended according to the requirement of the people.

Laptop RAM Upgrade & Replacement Cost India

Getting to know the exact Laptop Ram Upgrade Cost will help people decide their extension requirement and their budget and keep both these things in better alignment for getting expected services. In this context, the cost of the minimum RAM upgrade cost starts from about Rs. 1040 for 4GB and can go up to even more than Rs. 2000 according to the increased storage capacity and the quality of the same. However, you can get a RAM upgradation of about 4GB at a minimum of Rs.1040.

Laptop SSD Upgrade

Why We Use SSD in Laptop?

SSD (Solid State Drive) is used to improve the capacity and performance of a computer or any other device. An SSD relates to the computer & its servers so appropriately that people get expanded storage and better results. However, it is also an internal part of any computer and laptop, and that is why nowadays, the Laptop SSD Upgrade Cost has become very comfortable for people’s use.

Laptop SSD Upgrade Cost India –

On average, a 120GB SSD card is around Rs. 1500-2000. This may seem to be too much at the initial stage to people, but the effectiveness of this upgrade brings much more satisfaction to people compared to the cost of the same.

Types of Laptop RAM

There exist some crucial types of laptop RAMs as listed below:

  • DDR2
  • DDR3
  • DDR4
  • DIMM

These types are chosen according to the requirement of the laptop, and its capacity as well. Also, according to the usage of each type, their cost keeps fluctuating & evolving.

Where we provide Laptop upgrade service?

Computer Repair Home provides the service of minimum Laptop Ram Upgrade Cost in the following places:

  • Noida
  • Mumbai
  • Ghaziabad
  • Lucknow
  • Delhi
  • Gwalior
  • Faridabad
  • Gurgaon and some other prominent places.

With the help of flexible upgradation or Laptop Ram replacement Cost applied to your device, you will undoubtedly get better and improved storage benefits for yourself.


Cost of upgrading RAM from 2GB to 4GB in India?

Even if the Laptop RAM Upgrade Cost is low, the cost of upgrading RAM from 2GB to 4GB can be varying from Rs.1040 to Rs.3200. Cost of RAM is depends on the types of RAM an availability in market.

Cost of upgrading RAM from 4GB to 8GB in India?

Laptop 8GB Ram upgradation cost in India may vary from Rs. 1800 to Rs.4500. This upgradation brings great storage satisfaction to the people by all means.

Cost of upgrading RAM from 8GB to 16GB in India?

Laptop 16GB RAM upgradation cost can starts from Rs.5500 and it can goes upto Rs.8000. It’s depends on the availability of RAM and types of RAM.

How much does it cost to upgrade to SSD?

Upgrading an SSD takes a particular procedure to be followed correctly and without fail. The primary purpose of upgradation is to prevent any damage or virus from entering it and increase the space of the same. In general people avail minimum 120GB SSD for their laptops and its prices starts from Rs.1500 and can goes upto Rs.2500.

Can I install SSD on my own?

No, SSD services are included under the internal laptop service section, and so, only computer experts and professionals can handle the installation and upgradation of SSD. It cannot be done on our own as many things are entirely unknown to us and getting to know them needs a special certification or degree that only computer experts and professionals have.

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