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Computer repair Home has been very impactful in its laptop battery replacement services. Also, these services can be conveniently used by people even at their doorsteps anytime. Emergencies related to laptop damages need immediate attention and repair; otherwise, the repairing services become much more complicated.

For the same reason, getting laptop repair/replacement services at your home or doorstep is much more convenient for everyone. Therefore, people should not miss out on this opportunity at all and should use it as soon as possible for the quick and good quality repair of their laptops & also for the long-lasting efficiency of the same.

Computer Repair Home offers Laptop Repair at Home facilities to their users in various cities in India and has a team of expert engineers those can replace your laptop battery anywhere in our service location in just 2 hours of the same day. You also may buy a laptop battery from online or physical store, but battery installation may be a critical task for a non professional person and he/she can damage the laptop body. So, Call Us at +91-9971168423 certified experts who will be available near you.

Laptop Battery Replacement Cost in India?

The average laptop battery replacement cost is approximately Rs. 1000-2100. This price is very reasonable compared to the other replacement services, which is why this provides excellent assurance of quality and the cost to the people for sure.

If people try and find a good quality service just by searching for laptop battery replacement near me for themselves, they can also get these services at their doorstep. This is much more convenient for everyone, and that is why everyone can freely use these services for any of the mentioned brand laptops undoubtedly.

Compatible Laptop Battery Replacement Cost in India

Microtek Laptop BatteryRs.1,500
Laptrix Laptop BatteryRs.900
Dell Laptop BatteryRs.1150
Dell 33YDH InspironRs.1500

Know More About Laptop Batteries

Types of Laptop Batteries –

Following are the 4 most prominent types of laptop batteries used worldwide & the repair/replacement processes are also carried out according to these types:

Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) –The memory effect is significantly less on these types of batteries, so their lives are much more improved.

Smart Batteries – The circuits and chips of these batteries are completely internal, and nothing external is supported as such in this battery type.

Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) – These batteries are much heavier and have high ‘memory effect’ risks.

Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) – These portable batteries hold power for a much greater time than other battery types. All the above types of laptop batteries are very well-known and widely used. That is why using them with care and repairing them from time to time can take your laptops a very long way.

Compatible vs. Genuine Laptop Batteries –

Genuine laptop batteries are sold directly from the manufacturers and do not have any mediator. Compared to genuine/original laptop batteries, compatible batteries do not include any brand name. Compatible batteries are much more affordable than genuine batteries because they don’t have any brand attached to them at all. However, compatible batteries provide less quality guarantee to the people as compared to genuine batteries as well.

Apple Laptop Battery Replacement Cost –

Apple laptop battery cost starts from Rs.4500 and it can go up to Rs.11500. The cost of Apple Makbook battery depends on the model of apple that you have If you are looking for A1466 MacBook Air Battery then prices would be Rs.4800 and if you are looking for 2017  MacBook Pro 15 then it may goes upto Rs.1100. Home and Doorstep charges are excluded from the battery cost, Computer Repair Home charge Rs.200 only for home visiting anywhere in our location. We provide our Laptop parts replacement services in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Mumbai, Lucknow, Gwalior and some other cities of India. If you want to know your laptop battery replacement cost, then you can send a pic of your laptop model our expert will share the lowest prices for that modal, our Click here to share you message us – Whatsapp Us

HP Laptop Battery Replacement Cost

When talking about the hp laptop battery replacement cost, it fluctuates according to the damage caused to the laptop. Also, people should visit only authentic websites and service centers to repair/replace their laptops to get more significant benefits in all conditions. So, you should make sure to get the best out of these services for the betterment of your laptop repair/replacement undoubtedly. Here is some HP laptop modals batteries cost –

HP RA04 Laptop BatteryRs.1899
HP JC04 41W 4-Cell Li-IonRs.1999
HP VK04, Laptop BatteryRs.1560
HP For Pavilion 14-ab000Rs.3100

Dell Laptop Battery Replacement Cost –

The average Dell laptop battery replacement cost is much lesser when it comes to Computer Repair Home , which brings great convenience to people. With proper assistance, people can get excellent results regarding their Dell laptops’ repair/replacement services. So, using these services will be highly beneficial to everyone using Dell laptops. Here is some Dell laptop modals batteries cost –

Dell Inspiron 14R 6 Cell Battery(J1KND)Rs.1800
Dell Inspiron 3458 3551 5558 5758 VostroRs.2600
DELL 78V9D InspironRs.2340
Dell Inspiron 13r/14r/15r/17r SeriesRs.1999
Dell Vostro 2421-2521 4 CellRs.4000
Dell Inspiron 1525 6 CellRs.2699
Dell Latitude E5420-E5520Rs.3400

Lenovo Laptop Battery Replacement Cost –

The total Lenovo laptop battery replacement cost sums up to a very reasonable price, and that is why people can get tremendous benefits from the same. People can get convenient and unique quality battery replacement services if they choose Computer repair Home as their best battery replacement option. Here is some Lenovo laptop modals batteries cost –

Lenovo T410/T510/SL410 6 cellRs.3500
Lenovo G430 57Y6266 6CellRs.2800
Lenovo G470 Z470 B470 G570Rs.2900
Lenovo IdeaPad Y480-G580-Y580Rs.3500

Asus Laptop Battery Replacement Cost –

The approximate Asus laptop battery replacement cost depends on the extent of damage caused to the laptop. Also, some extra charges may apply to the people at other laptop repair centers. However, at Computer Repair Home, we assure fantastic quality services at the minimum costs to the people for sure.

Asus A42-K53 A32-K53Rs.1300
Asus A42-K52 A32-K52 A31-K52Rs.1400
Asus A43 A43EB A43ERs.1300
Asus A45A A45DRs.1500
Asus A32-N55 N45SF N55SFRs.1570
Asus A32-F52 A32-F82 AS-K50Rs.3500

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