Laptop Is Not Connecting To Wi-Fi with Microsoft Windows 10

Laptop Wifi Not Connecting Solution

Working from home or remotely is always sounds better than our imagination, but what plays a vital role in this entire scenario?

Obviously, a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection. This favorable cadence turns into a horrifying one when you fail to connect the Laptop to Wi-Fi or unfortunately lost connection to Wi-Fi. This all what we face arise catastrophic condition and affects work greatly. Surely, all of us have a consonant view on this notion. Believe us, we can defer such reluctant situation i.e. Wi-Fi connection issues by having the little bit knowledge.

Laptop Is Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

Here’s how, you can easily create a robust wireless network or troubleshoot common Wi-Fi connection problems at home or office as well Let’s see what is important to figure out first! You must at least check your Wi-Fi first—Is it turned on? Now, it is time to check the airplane mode. Perhaps you may not know, but Airplane mode disables Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when turned on. So Airplane mode must be off. We must keep the device close to the distance of router because Walls and other known or unknown hazards often make wide impact on WiFi signals strength and make it difficult to connect the laptop to a network. If the problem is still remain same, then you can further try the given steps–

  • Click On The Windows Button And Then Settings.
  • ClickOn ‘Update And Security’ And Then ‘Troubleshoot’.
  • ClickOn ‘Internet Connections’ And Then Troubleshooter.

Microsoft Windows 10 Device Doesn’t Connect Yet, Now Do It Manually

Open the Start Menu and click Settings > Network & Internet > Wi‑Fi > Show available networks and then choose your connection. Then click connect. If something irrelevant occurs, you should once try to restart. Reason; It has been seen restarting a device often act as ethereal solution.

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In case you fail to accomplish the desired result, then switch off Wi-Fi router and plug-out the power source. Just wait for a few minutes. Now, switch on the router and try to connect your device once again. You will find system is getting connected to the Wi-Fi network.

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