How to Disable and Enable Touchpad of Laptop? [Solved]

disable/enable laptop touch pad

Laptops Touchpad offer a quite amazed experience to their holders and does everything like an extraneous mouse that courses the Laptop wherever it goes. Thus, it’s not worthless to say — this pointing device because of its built-in feature makes laptop as fit as a fiddle. These exceptional touchpad worked all time well for years and provide a nonpareil alternative to all laptop lovers in an exceptional case too when they don’t want to carry external mouse.

Undoubtedly, we must be thankful to those tech-savvies who thought about the notion of built-in pointing device. But if, the entire situation dramatically makes you feel unease such as typing on a laptop’s keyboard reluctantly move the cursor across the screen in an uncontrolled way or pointing device suddenly stopped working.

How to Disable and Enable Touchpad of Laptop

Thunderstruck Revelation What You See On Screen Associated With Touchpads; Compel You To Think How To Surmount All Of These Hurdles. Be Cool Guys And Keep All Perplexities Pertaining To Laptop Touchpads Aside, Try The Below Tactics First.

Some laptop vendors provide facile method i.e. a physical switch around the edge of laptop to enable and disable a touchpad —signalize by means of hardware. While in others a shortcut key i.e. Function key (FN along-with F7) is used to enable and disable the touchpad. Sometimes, pressing a certain area of the touchpad help you out in disabling/enabling the touchpad. The kernel is that all latest laptops manufacture always address such issue above all the others in order to offer the desirable outcome to their users. Look here, some of very simple methods that you can apply at your own end to enable and disable laptop touchpad.

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Let’s See First How To Enable and Disable Laptop Touchpad Through Settings

  1. Check the touchpad icon in the notification area that is avail at the lower-right corner of the laptop screen. Double-click or right-click on pointing device icon to browse the touchpad options; now finally try to disable and enable the touchpad.
  2. Unfortunately, if you didn’t access to touchpad icon of the notification area, then follow this approach ——Type control panel in Windows search bar. Thereafter click on —- Hardware and Sound, and then Devices and Printers and finally right click on the Mouse option. Here the Mouse Properties will display; from here you can enable/disable the touchpad.

Another Method to Enable and Disable Laptop Touchpad

  1. Type device manager in windows search bar. In Device Manager Window, explore Mice and other pointing devices by double clicking.
  2. Right-click the touchpad’s option and from the display list, select Enable/Disable.
  3. At the end corroborate your selection from the display Window.

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